Lillian Rose Chesak

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Last Cruise

Lillian takes one last cruise through the airport before seeing Grandpa Charles off to the gate.

Saying Good-Bye

Three generations together at the Boise airport as Grandpa Charles says good-bye to Lilli Bean.


Lillian rockin' out to her 'MyPod' toy in the back of the VW van.

Grandpa Charles plays with Bean.

Lillian plays with Grandpa Charles.

Bean doing her best Marilyn Monroe impression.

Lunch Time

Bean, mom, Grandpa Charles, and a wounded Carolyn gather for some lunch.

Hottie Springs

Lillian and mom go deep in the hot springs.

Shallow End

Under mom's guidance, Lillian plays in the shallow end of the commercial (yet rustic) Givens Hot Springs.

Big Eyes

Bean chillin' in the VW Campervan.


Bean romps through the park near a hot springs just south of the Snake River.


The kid LOVES going up and down stairs, particularly all the ones at the Boise B&B.

Mmmm Good!

Bean, chowin' down!

First 'Do!

The Bean, sporting her first hairdo, courtesy of Tami and Pandora.

Family Time

Lillian settles in for lunch with mom, Carolyn, and Grandpa Charles.

Settling In

Lillian in the sunroom of the Boise B&B, helping Grandpa Charles and Carolyn settle in for their visit.

The Lady in Black

Lillian in her suave black, fur-lined coat, watches some Korean dancers on the mean streets of Boise.

Bean as Teletubby

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Christmas Bean

Pandora and Lillian get an early start on Christmas, opening the day before some Dora the Explorer furniture from Lilli Bean's mom. They took an immediate liking to it, sitting back and kicking their feet up. Posted by Picasa
Pandora and Lilli Bean chillin' on the new furniture. Posted by Picasa
Early morning shot of the tree with presents beneath. Lillian slept to her usual 8:30 am or so, allowing her parents perhaps one last Christmas morning where they were awake before she was. Posted by Picasa
Lillian makes good use of her new play tent, using it to hide from her folks as she chews on a book. Posted by Picasa
Mom helps Lillian open a present from Grandpa Charles. Posted by Picasa
A bleary-eyed Lilli Bean wakes up from a Christmas afternoon nap. Posted by Picasa
Mom and Bean inside the play tent, reading a pop up book. Posted by Picasa
It turns out that the hit of the day was a $2 cat toy, which Bean used to play with her birthday present, Marzipan the Cat. She was howling with laughter as she played with Marz like this, probably getting a good hour's worth of fun out of it. Posted by Picasa
Continuing the time-honored tradition of NOT playing with her actual toys, Bean has a grand time playing in a box. Posted by Picasa
We finally absolutely HAD to get out of the house, so hopped into the Campervan to drive around. It turned out a Chinese Buffet was open so we stopped for a traditional Christmas dinner, although I couldn't find any duck with the head still on it like in 'A Christmas Story'. Bean found the Lo Mein though, which she apparently LOVES, often double-fisting it into her mouth. Like dad though, she may have eaten too much and gotten a belly ache later as she was pretty fussy during bedtime.Posted by Picasa

Bean's Birthday Bash!

Friends from near and far (like Nampa) gathered to celebrate Lillian 'Lilli Bean' Chesak's turning the Big Oh-One. Posted by Picasa
There were friends, toys,... Posted by Picasa
... the now famous 'Upsidedown Baby',... Posted by Picasa
...and the root beer was totally awesome man. Posted by Picasa
After singing 'Happy Birthday', a hush came over the crowd. The candle was plucked away and the frosting 'fest began! Posted by Picasa
Before... Posted by Picasa